In support of the #metoo and #timesup movements this new body of work fights back against the concept that a women should cover up, hide her sexuality, or be otherwise made to feel smaller due to the actions of unwanted sexual advances or objectification of her self. As an example look at asking the question  “what were you wearing?” to victims of sexual abuse.  It is common to think a “good girl” should appear sexless, yet fantasies of women and certainly pornography portray another type of women altogether. 

I made this body of work to throw off standards of women created by marketing, media, culture and thousands of years of women being “property” and to disrupt concepts of what is right or wrong for a woman.  Sexuality is a part of all of us and when the story is only told one way it enables sex to be used to control others, as seen in recent stories of gatekeeping in Hollywood, the restaurant industry and others.

I’ve referenced images of pornography for these works, and through the use of heavy oil paint slathered over thin loose brushstrokes I aim to capture the excesses pleasure can be taken to, and to add my version of the story that hundreds of years of men using the nude female body in their own work have written. 

opening Feb 3. 6-9pm
The Hole 
312 Bowery, NY, NY 10012